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Texas hard Money Historic rehab

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Texas hard money & rehab loans

Our Mission: Helping investors acquire and rehab investment property by providing private(asset based, non credit driven loans) based -hard money loans in Texas, specifically Dallas & Fort Worth, Austin, Houston and San Antonio being a focus. (RESIDENTIAL INVESTMENTS AND COMMERCIAL PROPERTY IN TEXAS)

Loans for investors - Long term Rental Property


Do you know if you qualify for a mortgage (fannie and freddy mac) loans- the lowest rate

We close the 3 basic options for investors (Conventional mortgage, Portfolio and Private-Non Bank) The most recent State Income loan for investors is below:


Recent Updates and Available Loans for NON BANK QUALIFIED BORROWERS

1. 15 - 30 years loans - rates 9-11% - Soft money for investors who may not qualify with banks and mortgage companies. 75 - 80% LTV - **********VERY UNIQUE


2. Cashout loans are ok in investments - up to 75%

3. S TATED INCOME investor loans : loan min 150k (good for larger homes, 2-4 units and small commercial - YES ALL OF THE ABOVE ARE STATED INCOME


4. CREDIT MIN - your credit should be over 600, if not please have a good reason, it may still work


What you need:

go our our contact page and tell us about your deal. Please summarize your property (subject property) , your credit and financial health. We will get back with you quickly.